Slip rings by LTN Servotechnik reliably transmit load and signal currents in numerous, diverse applications

4K video transmission

4K video transmission

LTN slip rings reliably transmit load and signal currents in many different applications. These slip rings are not normally visible in the application and not recognisable as technical devices.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

A demo application was set up at the LTN booth at SPS IPC Drives 2016 in Nuremberg to visualise the performance of the slip rings. The idea was to transmit the image signals of a 4K camera (Sony FCB-ER8300) to a 4K monitor (Panasonic TX40CXW704) while powering the transmission line via a slip ring. The raw data from the camera was converted to HDMI with an HDMI 4K interface board (iShot Xblock). For the slip ring, this meant transmitting four shielded RF cables and an additional six signal lines of an HDMI cable without interference. Apart from the multiple transmission paths, the slip rings had to be as small as possible to enable it to be incorporated into a small rotary unit.

Description of solution:

The LTN slip ring in the SC020 family generally represents an optimal solution. With an outer diameter of just 20 mm, even the standard version can transmit up to 36 signal channels. The surveillance camera platform which was selected as the rotary unit held the camera head securely, including the interface board. The surveillance camera could be rotated continuously. The SC020 slip ring was then installed centrally in the camera mechanism. Owing to the open design, all parts (especially the cable connection from the camera via the slip ring) are clearly visible. The sensitive signals of the HDMI cable were wired inside the slip ring according to the standard practices of radio frequency technology. The transmission path through the HDMI cable was approximately 3 metres long. The SC020 allows 4K (UHD) image data to be transmitted with a refresh rate of 30 Hz. This application was a highlight at the trade fair and can be taken over into series production on request.

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