LTN slip ring for the transmission of signals, electrical power, and compressed air for edge milling machines

Edge milling machine

Edge milling machine

An LTN slip ring controls a rotating cutter head by transmitting signals, electrical power and compressed air when the edges of wooden panels are shaped with an edge milling machine.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

In furniture production, wooden panels are often given rounded corners on wood milling machines. The milling head is supplied with power and control data via a slip ring.

The customer wanted to increase the number of milling machine cycles, leading to higher acceleration and speed requirements for the slip ring. The limited space available inside the milling machine necessitated a new slip ring design. This included a space-saving arrangement of plugs at the stator end. The first slip ring generation, too, was rigidly mounted in the milling machine between the rotating and the stationary parts due to space limitations. In the worst case, this can lead to premature failure of the slip ring. The mechanical interface of the slip ring at the mounting point therefore has to be very precise.

Description of solution:

Very little installation space is available for the slip ring inside the milling machine. The more load and signal paths there are, the more critical the set-up because the slip ring is also higher. The compressed air which is additionally required to blow out the milling dust is fed from the stationary to the rotating side via a rotary joint. The slip ring simultaneously had to be concealed under a cover.

The ingenious radial, side-by-side arrangement of the plugs on the outer surface of the housing made optimal use of the limited space. The problem was solved by developing a new mechanical interface together with the client, allowing easy installation of the slip ring without having to dismantle the rotary joint.

Finally, wire bundle contacts ensure better (multiple) contacting in spite of the more dynamic environmental conditions.

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