Qualified resolver solution made by LTN for the landing flap control

Landing flap control

Landing flap control

Qualified resolver solution for the landing flap control of a major American aircraft manufacturer: maintenance-free resolvers from LTN Servotechnik, specially adapted for extreme environmental conditions, are employed here.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

The landing flap control systems in modern commercial aircraft are extremely complex, yet highly relevant to safety. It is essential to ensure that they work at all times and can be extended and retracted in perfect symmetry. In most cases, a malfunction or failure of the flap controls will have an enormous impact on safe operation of the aircraft. All flight-critical systems are designed to be fail-safe. In addition, an independent backup always exists for all key systems in commercial aircraft. Components destined for integration into these aircraft have to comply with the strict design regulations of general aviation. As part of the qualification, error-free operation must be demonstrated at temperatures from -55°C to +85°C and in the presence of vibration or acceleration up to 50 g.

Description of solution:

The resolver developed by LTN is based on the popular RE15 and designed for the extreme environmental conditions prevailing in the vicinity of modern commercial aircraft. It measures the position of the landing flaps, making it an integral part of the control system. In keeping with the rigorous expectations of aviation authorities, it is qualified for use in flight-critical systems and is a standard component on board the manufacturer’s flagship.

Thanks to its special design and the materials used, the resolver was adapted to comply with these ultra-strict requirements. LTN has a high level of vertical integration and was able to fine-tune the resolver to the customer’s needs in-house. The electrical and mechanical properties and the temperature range from -55°C to 85°C allow operation in flight-critical systems. Extensive testing according to aviation requirements was carried out on a pre-production series by an external laboratory together with the aircraft manufacturer.

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