LTN Servotechnik provides manufacturers of packaging machines with slip ring solutions

Packaging machine

Packaging machine

The high quality and functionality of product and protective packaging tends to be taken for granted by customers. The quality requirements specified for the packaging equipment are similarly strict.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

Numerous foodstuffs such as sweets or pasta are usually wrapped in coloured film. Comparatively wide, wavy seams are frequently found at the top and bottom of the packaging. Side-sealing machines ensure quick and reliable sealing or closing of such packaging films.

The printed packaging film is unwound from a roll and laid lengthways over the goods to be packed using a suitable mechanical device. The sides of the film are guided underneath the product and joined flat on the underside in a continuous motion. The overlapping edges are then sealed by a heated roller. The temperature of the roller is decisive for the quality of the seal.

Description of solution:

For many years now, LTN Servotechnik has supplied slip ring solutions to manufacturers of packaging machines (including side-sealing machines), building up extensive expertise in the packaging industry.

The rollers of the side-sealing machine are heated by integrated heating elements. Thermal resistors provide measurement signals that allow continuous temperature control. The slip ring in this machine supplies the roller with electrical power and transmits the measurement signals of the temperature sensors reliably without any interference.

In order to achieve fast belt speeds, the products and the packaging film are guided at a correspondingly high speed. This results in high rotational speeds of the slip ring. The heating current and the measurement signals must nevertheless be transmitted correctly.

Our customers value the high reliability and durability of LTN slip ring solutions as well as the maintenance-friendly design.

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