Resolvers made by LTN are a robust and reliable feedback system for the precise rotation speed control of servomotors

Servomotor with resolver

Servomotor with resolver

Resolvers are robust, reliable feedback systems for precise control of servo motor speeds. Servo motors are required in almost all industries where electric machines are used for defined processes.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

In virtually all machines where proper operation is ensured by one or more electric motors, the motor speeds must be synchronised with one another. To enable these servo motors to work relative to each other, the actual speed must be fed back to the control unit, which can then take corrective action via the power supply. This happens at millisecond intervals. The position of the motor shaft is provided to the control unit with a precision of one arcminute and compared with the target value. The control unit corrects the difference between the target and actual values by regulating the amount of power supplied. Since resolvers are highly versatile (they are suitable for use in vacuum, for example, or at high radiation exposure levels), they are meanwhile found in approximately 40 percent of all servo motors worldwide.

Description of solution:

LTN’s impregnated resolvers provide very robust solutions for the most adverse requirements and highest expectations. The resolver’s sensitive transformer and winding coils are covered with epoxy resin. This prevents the coils from being damaged during assembly and protects them from environmental influences during operation: they can withstand even extreme conditions like moisture, dust and dirt, very high or low temperatures, shocks and vibration, chemicals and oils, high pressures, high vacuum, high speeds, etc. As purely electromechanical components devoid of electronics, they make an excellent, rugged alternative to traditional rotary encoders. Thanks to their modular design, LTN resolvers are completely wear-free.

The rotor and stator geometries vary greatly and can be combined with numerous standard mechanical interfaces for different encoder systems. The motor design is consequently independent of the encoder system, which may only be determined later by the application. The result: very high flexibility in scenarios with servo motors.

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