LTN provides a slip ring solution for swivelling solar panels in photovoltaic systems of all brands

Swivelling solar panels

Swivelling solar panels

LTN provides non-proprietary slip ring solutions for swivelling solar panels in photovoltaic systems. The maintenance-free rotary joint inside the cell unit frame transmits power and optimises the energy yield.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

The efficiency of a photovoltaic system depends heavily on the incident angle of the sunlight on the solar panels (ideally 90°). If the ideal angle is not achieved, e.g. with fixed panels, there will be daily/annual variations in efficiency and energy yield. The payback period for the system overall will be longer. In a standalone solution which is responsible for the entire power supply, a larger system must be designed in order to obtain the desired power output. Swivelling solar panels, so-called PV tracking systems, follow the sun’s trajectory and ensure an ideal angle of incidence. An optimal energy yield is guaranteed throughout the day. The most popular type consists of a platform equipped with solar modules mounted on a mast, which is oriented towards the sun with servo motors.

Description of solution:

Swivelling solar panels are based on a uniaxial or biaxial tracking system. Uniaxial systems only follow the sun horizontally or vertically while biaxial systems do so in both directions. The latter are more precise and achieve a higher power output. With both systems, however, control signals, power for the servo motors and the energy generated must be reliably transmitted via a rotary joint on the mast.

LTN’s robust, maintenance-free slip ring transmitters are integrated into the photovoltaic system’s rotating, swivelling frames. Their service life far exceeds that of the PV system. The housings are designed for outdoor use with a shaft seal for high impermeability (IP protection). They withstand all wind and weather conditions as well as extreme temperatures.

PV tracking systems increase the energy yield of uniaxial and biaxial systems by 30 or 45 percent. LTN slip rings provide a reliable power supply and ensure the servo motor’s functionality.

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