LTN offers a robust slip ring for generators in wind turbines

Wind power generator slip ring

Wind power generator slip ring

Double-fed asynchronous generators predominate in wind turbines. LTN offers a robust slip ring with a universal hole pattern for different generator types as well as matching accessories.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

Rotor slip rings for double-fed asynchronous generators are subject to very high electrical, thermal and mechanical loads. These components belong to the wear parts in the generator of a wind turbine and as such require regular maintenance.

To increase the lifetime of the generator rotor slip rings and thus reduce the operating costs for the owner, LTN developed a high-quality, low-maintenance generator slip ring featuring a universal hole pattern. Amongst other things, it incorporates a multi-phase rotor, which is connected using terminal bolts. The selection and processing of the materials are decisive for the service life of the rotary joint.

Description of solution:

Owing to the universal hole pattern, the generator slip ring (including accessories and rotary encoders) is compatible with double-fed generators from ABB, Weier and Leroy Somer. This design is mainly used in Vestas (R) V52-V90 wind turbines.

The slip ring is made from high-grade insulation and contact materials. The special design reduces abrasion at the brushes, allows long creepage distances and prevents voltage flashovers.

In addition to this, LTN also developed special accessories for the slip ring: a creepage distance optimiser for the terminal bolts, a ground spike, insulating rings at the generator shaft and generator and insulating jackets for the rotor cables. LTN recommends matching rotary encoders from Leine & Linde with pluggable connecting cables.

All LTN Servotechnik products undergo rigorous quality inspections (visual as well as mechanical, electrical and functional).

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