slip ring solution made by LTN for the transmission of data, signals and energy for wind power pitch systems

Wind power pitch system

Wind power pitch system

Since 2004, LTN has been supplying high-quality slip ring solutions that transmit data, signals and power for pitch systems to manufacturers and service providers in the wind energy sector.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

The pitch system of a wind turbine regulates the energy yield via the angle of the rotor blades relative to the wind direction. The efficiency of the turbine is optimised for the prevailing wind speed. The pitch system also helps brake the turbine. If the blades are turned parallel to the wind direction in strong gales, the rotor will come to a standstill. The pitch system is therefore also highly relevant for operating safety.

The control signals and the power required for the blade position must be transmitted absolutely reliably from the nacelle to the rotating hub. In addition, more and more sensors and functions are integrated in the rotor blade as technological advances are made (e.g. blade heating, vibration analysis and strain measurements). Signals and power for these systems and functions also have to be transmitted via the pitch system’s rotary joint. The slip rings are simultaneously exposed to a variety of environmental influences and stresses.

Description of solution:

The design of the rotary joint must be individually adapted to the constructional details of the wind turbine. LTN slip rings are compact and modular for easy adaptation to specific characteristics. The requirements range from power transmission to the blade control and heating through signal and data transmission to the evaluation electronics to the transmission of Ethernet based fieldbus systems (Profibus, CAN bus, etc.). The transmission of media such as oil or gas can be integrated as an option, as can signal transmission via an optical fibre.

Regardless of whether the wind turbine is located onshore, nearshore or offshore, LTN has proven, standardised technologies capable of withstanding the high demands due to extreme temperature differences, environmental influences and mechanical stresses. The trust our customers place in us is reflected by the 6000 LTN slip rings installed every year.

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