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LTN provides comprehensive services and support throughout the lifecycle of your product or application.

LTN components put the emphasis on high reliability and rapid availability. Any defects which occur must therefore be resolved promptly and worn parts replaced. Sustainability is a key issue – both for our products and for our after-sales service.


Long-term support for our customers is our creed. At LTN, service begins with the very first customer contact and continues throughout the entire product lifecycle. For us, sustainable profitability takes centre stage. Maintenance and repairs are a central element here. LTN’s different product categories require different service concepts in order to meet the high demands of all our customers.

LTN products are durable and, especially when it comes to wearing contact technologies, easy to service and maintain. Thanks to our high level of vertical integration, LTN can supply spare parts for all equipment for a long time after delivery. Highly qualified services for complex technologies are particularly vital if ever any problems arise. LTN is a competent and reliable service partner: we provide a comprehensive range of timely and unbureaucratic services.

support at LTN includes technical advice, spare parts, repairs and complaints


Important information on technical advice, spare parts, repairs and complaints

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Important information on marketing materials, manuals, certificates and catalogues

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