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Our components for a new era in automation and robotics.

Impulses for the future

Across all industries, automation, for example through the use of robotics, is becoming more and more important.

For automated technology to succeed in relieving people of increasingly complex and demanding process steps, components that meet the highest standards of durability, sensitivity and mobility are vital.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to LTN.


LTN designs products and assemblies for specific applications in selected industries. Below you can find a few examples for the automation industry.

Slip ring transmitters in robot controllers

Slip ring transmitters are frequently used in continuously rotating systems where e.g. motors and control units also turn. Both the drive power and the control and feedback signals (mostly via bus connections) are transmitted via a continuously rotating slip ring.

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slip rings of LTN allow for the transfer of power and signals at rotary tables

In automation technology, rotary tables are widespread installations that facilitate timed circular movements. They are preferably used for filling operations, assembly tasks or part inspections.

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LTN Servotechnik provides manufacturers of packaging machines with slip ring solutions

The high quality and functionality of product and protective packaging tends to be taken for granted by customers. The quality requirements specified for the packaging equipment are similarly strict.

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