Electrical Engineering is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in

Electrical engineering

Where power flows between systems, precision and high efficiency are vital.

Clear signals and impulses

Fail-safe, effective and lossless transmission of power and signals is an elementary prerequisite wherever machines are an integral part of smooth process sequences.

Our slip rings and resolver are consequently used in selected branches of the electrical industry, where their reliability and efficiency are greatly appreciated.


LTN designs products and assemblies for specific applications in different industries. Below you can find some examples for the electrical engineering industry.

Resolvers made by LTN are a robust and reliable feedback system for the precise rotation speed control of servomotors

Resolvers are robust, reliable feedback systems for precise control of servo motor speeds. Servo motors are required in almost all industries where electric machines are used for defined processes.

to the application
LTN offers a high quality slip ring unit for the transmission of electrical power and signals in radar systems at civilian airports, in ships or vehicles

LTN offers a high-quality slip ring unit that integrates into RF rotary couplings for transmitting electrical power and signals in the radar systems of civilian airports, ships or vehicles.

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Slip Rings for this industry

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