Renewable energies is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in

Wind power and renewable energy

Our slip rings for the wind power industry – our contribution to the energy revolution.

Every change begins with a revolution

It is imperative that the rotor blades of a wind turbine adapt flexibly to weather and wind conditions. Power and control signals must be transmitted from the stationary gondola to the rotating hub for this purpose.

In many systems around the globe, slip rings made by LTN and rated for 100 amperes and Profibus take care of this. Durable, virtually maintenance-free and ready for the energy revolution.


LTN designs products and assemblies for specific applications in different industries. Below you can find some examples for the renewable energy industry.

slip ring solution made by LTN for the transmission of data, signals and energy for wind power pitch systems

Since 2004, LTN has been supplying high-quality slip ring solutions that transmit data, signals and power for pitch systems to manufacturers and service providers in the wind energy sector.

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LTN provides a slip ring solution for swivelling solar panels in photovoltaic systems of all brands

LTN provides non-proprietary slip ring solutions for swivelling solar panels in photovoltaic systems. The maintenance-free rotary joint inside the cell unit frame transmits power and optimises the energy yield.

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