Rotary encoders of LTN Servotechnik GmbH

Enkodery obrotowe

We wish to inform you that LTN Servotechnik GmbH has ceased production of its rotary encoders.

LTN Servotechnik has creased production of its rotary encoders

The background to this decision is that the group of companies to which we belong already includes a proven encoder expert – our sister company Leine & Linde AB  – selling an extensive portfolio of premium quality rotary encoders.

In the future, therefore, LTN will focus on its core competencies in the area of customised slip rings and resolvers for complex applications in selected branches of industry.

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and in our rotary encoder products over the years and would be delighted if you would consider choosing us as a dependable supplier should you require any slip rings and / or resolvers in the future.


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