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Rotary encoders

Rotary encoders are sensors that detect the actual position of a shaft and convert even fractions of an angle degree to an electrical signal. 

Rotary encoders are essential electromechanical components

Rotary encoders are rotation angle sensors which can be used to monitor the position of rotating shafts. They measure not only positions and angles but also rotational speeds, lengths and directions.

Operating principle of a rotary encoder

For many years, LTN Servotechnik has been developing and manufacturing customised rotary encoder solutions for extreme environments to enable precise measurement of movements and positions. Rotary encoders (or angular position encoders) are optical, magnetic or mechanical sensors which form signals from movements. They detect the current position of a shaft and convert even fractions of an angle degree to an electrical signal.

The digital output signals of a rotary encoder are the starting point for modern, high-precision position control systems. Thus, a drive unit can perform reproducible movements and return to the home or reference position after a work process.

If a rotary encoder does not provide absolute measurements, it is referred to as an incremental encoder. Unlike absolute encoders, incremental encoders may have to be calibrated after switching on because changes in position cannot be detected while they are switched off. Incremental encoders not only supply measurements but can also control motors with the help of integrated software and programmable relays. The system is less complex as a result.

LTN incremental encoders are used in industrial environments to measure distances, velocities or angles of rotation (e.g. for machine tools, textile and packaging machines, passenger lifts, turnstiles or escalators) as well as in handling and automation technology (e.g. on motor shafts for manual control of motor movements).

Absolute encoders of LTN Servotechnik GmbH
Absolute encoders

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Incremental encoders of LTN Servotechnik GmbH
Incremental encoders

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