Resolver der LTN Servotechnik GmbH

Resolver G-RDC

Data Output/Control I/O
Output Signals16 bit: binary position data, parallel, H-active; 1 bit: /BIT (error), L-active
Input  Signals1 bit: /Inhibit, L-edge-active, 1 bit: /Enable, L-edge-active
Resolution16-bit / 65536 steps per revolution
Output Voltage LevelTTL (5VDC)
Output Current30 mA
Accuracy± 4' (±0,072°,  ≤ 1LSB)
Repeatability± 1 LSB
Angular Speedup to 18 s-1 (should be specified in the order)
Power Supply
Supply Voltage (+Vs)10 ... 36 VDC
Power Consumption~ 1,5 W (e.g. 60 mA at 24 V)
Operating Temperature0 ... +85 °C (+32 °F ... +185 °F)
Resolver Output-/Input
Output Reference Signal4 Vrms / 100 mA max. / 5 kHz
Input SIN/COS2 Vrms 
Transformation rate0,5 ±10%
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