LTN engineering in research


To us, research means implementing the requirements of different industries and markets into solutions in the best way possible.

Basic research and technology development

What drives us: our desire to make what’s good better, more efficient and more sustainable. For us, the future begins by constantly questioning the solutions of today.

what research means to LTN Servotechnik GmbH

What research means to us

The investigations and research that we are conducting today, the questions we’re asking – we’re not just doing this for ourselves. It’s all aimed at ensuring that we can provide you with tomorrow’s solutions today, to enable your visions to be successfully realised.

This approach has resulted in a hundred currently active patents that help our customers move their ideas into the future.

encapsulated slip ring of LTN Servotechnik GmbH


Can you “look inside” an encapsulated slip ring?

Can the slip ring provide data about its wear condition, current temperatures or any internal humidity? And is it possible for this information to be received hundreds of miles away?

Yes, it is ... with patented technology from our basic research!


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