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LTN Servotechnik GmbH
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电话: +49 (0) 8024 6080 2760 
传真: +49 (0) 8024 6080 1000

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LTN 产品手册


28. 四月 2020

Gigabit Ethernet in extremly harsh conditions

The global success of our slip rings is founded on our deep technical understanding of the industry and our familiarity with the highly specialised design, production & assembly processes for rotating transmission systems.

23. 三月 2020

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

The present threat due to the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is confronting all of us with unprecedented challenges.

To protect our employees and partners, we have implemented numerous measures in close consultation with our Works Council, to enable us to maintain our business operations and hence our ability to deliver.

We were able to conclude long-term agreements in good time with our most important suppliers so that, as things stand today, supplies of raw materials are ensured for the next few months.

16. 二月 2020

What is a resolver?

We offer a wide range of products to fit your need. Check the video from SPS in Nuremberg, where LTN product manager Michael Krüger explains feedback systems for servomotors. 

02. 二月 2020

What is a slip ring?

What is a slip ring? Follow Thomas Gorzitza our experienced Product- and Sales Manager at LTNs SPS stand in Nuremberg. 

05. 十一月 2019

We successfully ...

... supported motorsport with our pioneering work. See also our latest project support for BoSolarCar.