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Slip Ring SE020

Electrical data slip ringMechanical Data
Slip ring6, 12, 18, 24Speedmax. 250 min-1
Currentmax. 2 A per ringProtection classIP 51
Voltage48 VDC, higher on requestTemperature-20 °C ... +80 °C (-5 °F ... +175 °F)
High pot500 VAC Rotor / Stator conn.300 mm leads; AWG 28/19 (0,15 mm2)
Insulation resistance1000 MOhm at 500 VDCBearingsminiature ball bearings of steel
Noise20 mOhm at 5 min-1, 6 VDC and 50 mAHousingmade of glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate
Contacts / leadsGold-gold / silver plated cooper with PTFE insulationAssemblybody to be clamped or glued;
flange as a standard, others on request