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Innovative, value-oriented, a partner you can trust. Get to know LTN Servotechnik GmbH – a recognised excellent company.

Who we are

LTN Servotechnik GmbH is a mid-sized engineering firm located to the south of Munich. We specialise in the development, design and series manufacture of accessories for apparatus, machinery and plant engineering customers worldwide.

At least, that’s the official description.

We also define ourselves as a 250-strong team of men and women united by a genuine passion for technology. Together we strive to create, design and implement many things better, more effectively and more sustainably.

We believe that precision begins with a precise understanding of a problem, a vision or a technical challenge – in short, with the needs of our customers.

We also believe that an idea is only as good as the enthusiastic and committed employees who accompany it on the way to series manufacturing. We believe in technology. And in the people who use it.

Welcome to LTN.

What drives us

To solve is to listen – or why technology begins with a dialogue.

Products and services

From slip ring to resolver – from brainwave to large-scale series manufacturing: what we can do for you.

How we work

Our curiosity is never-ending: how we think, work, and grow.


You too can become part of an excellent company.

Exhibitions and events

Essentially everywhere – sometimes even in person.


Our ideas, our successes. Read our press releases.

sustainability and longevity of products is important at LTN Servotechnik


Durable products from LTN not only cut your costs; they also help you save resources. The quality of our work reflects our sense of responsibility for the environment. This also includes an appreciative attitude towards our employees and all partners. We respect applicable laws throughout the world and engage in fair competition.


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