Renewable energies is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in
Wind Power and Renewable energy
Every change begins with a revolution

Our slip rings for the wind power industry – our contribution to the energy revolution.

Industry data transmission at LTN Servotechnik GmbH
Data transmission
Clear images, maximum mobility

Precise and lossless data transmission with LTN slip ring innovations.

Automation is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in
Impulses for the future

Our components for a new era in automation and robotics.

Drive technology is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in
Drive technology
Advancement through ideas

The automotive industry trusts in our resolvers when it comes to drive technology and motor racing.

Aviation is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in
Precision above the clouds

Made in Germany: essential components for awe-inspiring aerospace developments.

Mechanical Engineering is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in
Mechanical engineering
Ideas for the royal league of design

Our slip rings as reliable signal transmitters in any machine context.

Medical Technology is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in
Medical technology
At the heart of things

Minimal size, maximal effect: our innovations for medical and diagnostic technology.

Access systems is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in
Access systems
A secure welcome

Precision and durability for the complex, diverse world of access systems.

Electrical Engineering is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in
Electrical engineering
Clear signals and impulses

Where power flows between systems, precision and high efficiency are vital.


LTN Servotechnik

From prototype to series manufacturing: as an excellent innovation company specialised in component construction for industrial drive and automation technology, we are a partner and pacesetter for your ideas across all industries. Welcome to LTN.

LTN operates in numerous industries

From mining companies, wind farm operators, hospitals or the construction and automotive sectors to medical and safety engineering, LTN manufactures high volumes, small batches or one-offs for worldwide use in the most diverse industries.

Resolvers, slip rings and rotary encoders from LTN can be found in many applications

Our electromechanical components for industrial control and drive technology can be found in a broad array of applications in mechanical and plant engineering – from operating theatres through industrial robots to Formula 1 vehicles.

LTN product range includes slip rings, resolvers and rotary encoders

Our product range includes slip rings for signal and load transmission, resolvers and rotary encoders for open & closed-loop control tasks and rotary joints for fibre-optic data transfer. In doing so, we support the new requirements of Industry 4.0.

Research, Development and Design of slip rings, resolvers and rotary encoders at LTN

Based on many years of engineering experience, LTN also develops customised solutions based on slip rings, rotary encoders or resolvers. If you’re interested in a product or solution which is made to measure for your application, please feel free to contact us.


We offer extensive service and support during the whole lifecycle of our products and applications. Here you will find important information about technical advice, spare parts, repairs, marketing materials and frequently asked questions.


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