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Important information on technical advice, spare parts, repairs and complaints

Technical advice

We offer you step-by-step advice to help you find the product that best matches your availability, cost efficiency and technology requirements.

Our consulting services cover the entire project lifecycle – from the initial customer contact and prototyping through product development and environmental testing to the pre-production series and subsequent optimisation.

Spare parts

Production documents exist for every design. Even products that were built more than 30 years ago can be remade at any time.

These new products can be purchased from us through the usual distribution channels. Depending on the design, subcomponents can also be manufactured and supplied as one-offs.


There are many reasons why repair work could become necessary. We consider your needs and, based on the product which is returned to us, provide you with a quote that takes into account the time for the repair and also whether or not repair is actually economical.

If you choose not to accept this quote, we will simply charge a handling fee for diagnosing the problem.


In the unlikely event of a defective delivery, we promise to rectify it immediately – either by reworking the product or by replacing it with a new one.

We charge a handling fee for unjustified complaints and returns.


Here you can find an extract from the most important directives (and laws) to which LTN Servotechnik is committed:

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