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To us, development means implementing customer-specific requirements into solutions in the best way possible.

Product development, design and consulting

When ideas take shape: as a link between research and design, development is particularly important at LTN.

proven LTN technologies that can be adapted to customer requirements

What development means to us

The perfect implementation of customer-specific designs and specifications is a key benefit of the services we offer: proven LTN technologies that can be adapted to each customer’s individual requirements.

This applies equally to variants and extensions of our standard products or to combinations of several LTN or third-party components, right through to the development of new products – whether mechanical or electronic.

We know that across all industries, ideal external circumstances don’t always exist for operating complex technologies. Yet extreme operating conditions or complex installation and maintenance scenarios awaken our innovative and competitive drive.

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development of slip rings at LTN Servotechnik GmbH


The trend towards ever shorter cycles in bottling plants continues unbroken. Slip rings, too, must keep up with the trend. In addition to higher rotational speeds, the requirements for Industrial Data Transmission 4.0 are also increasing. LTN has responded by advancing the development of the wire slip ring to readiness for series manufacturing.

The optimal use of wire and material is the reason for the very good signal transmission values and durability at high rotational speeds. The success of our technology has proven us right: LTN products are used in bottling plants worldwide!



Slip rings are used around the clock in large industrial facilities. Machine downtime results in immense costs. In order to offer our customers maximum service life and performance, LTN has extended its range of services by providing contactless data transmission.

The electrical signals supplied to the slip ring are converted to optical signals in an active assembly. Transmitters and receivers exchange the data. The outgoing signals are electric again.

Thanks to the contactless signal transmission method developed by LTN Servotechnik, bidirectional data exchange is possible. Active components produce an unaltered, refreshed signal. The service life of our customer applications has been further extended.

Customer testimonial

“Thanks to LTN, we were able to successfully replace an existing, insufficiently robust angle sensor with a resolver that was specially developed for our application. Since our machines are exposed to severe vibration and strong temperature fluctuations, the resolver is the most reliable solution for this application. LTN even took care of the interface adjustment – we really appreciated it.”


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