mode of operation at LTN Servotechnik

How we work

Our approach to work is multifaceted: Listen, understand, sketch, model, design, manufacture and succeed.

Sustainable solutions based on a shared understanding

Only when we have understood our customers’ visions, recognised the challenges and established a common objective do we embark on a creative process free of dogmatism and set to work on the engineering. Persistent, passionate and always in dialogue with the customer.

Proven processes for new ideas

  • Individual creation of customer requirement profiles
  • Client-specific process expertise in many industries
  • Qualification of prototypes together with our customers
  • Quality management throughout the entire process
  • Advanced manufacturing processes for manual and automated assembly
  • High level of mechanical and electronics manufacturing expertise
  • Experience of one-off and small-batch production
  • Short start-up and implementation times in series manufacturing
  • Knowledge of all logistical processes
  • Automated inspection processes for all series products
  • Quality controls in all production areas
  • One hundred percent functional testing of all products

Everything in-house. Everything together.

Understanding requirements, mastering technical challenges, questioning the status quo, structuring ideas, making things better: at LTN, we do all of this as a team. Engineers, specialists and production staff – we all work together as equals and are only satisfied when we have achieved the best possible solution for our customers. We are grateful and proud that we have the infrastructure, the freedom and the capacity at our disposal to provide an end-to-end service – from consulting to series manufacturing – in-house under one roof.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions