range of services at LTN Servotechnik


Our products and services are closely aligned to our customers’ requirements. They are characterised by top-rate quality and a high level of vertical integration.


Our portfolio extends from innovative development to advanced manufacturing of metal and plastic products. With a constant eye on your requirements. 


Our engineers, technicians and highly qualified specialists provide a broad portfolio of services tailored to each customer’s individual needs:

  • One-off manufacturing of prototypes and sample series
  • Toolmaking for own production facilities
  • Plastics injection moulding
  • Cable assembly: cutting, stripping, harness preparation, crimping, welding, soldering
  • Manufacture of resolver windings on highly specialised machines
  • Installation of complex assemblies with qualified procedures in areas such as joining, gluing, screwing, coating, casting
  • Design and development of fine mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies
  • Efficient repair and spare parts service
  • Series manufacture of electromechanical components


As an experienced supplier of electromechanical components for industrial control and drive technology, our portfolio extends from innovative development in-house to advanced manufacturing of metal and plastic products directly on the premises – all with a high level of vertical integration.

LTN develops patented core technologies and designs electromechanical assemblies and components. From the construction of complex one-off systems right through to large-scale series manufacturing, we trust in the expertise of our technicians, engineers and highly qualified specialists.

We regularly have the quality of our products inspected at a state-of-the-art test laboratory according to standardised guidelines. The numerous certifications we have received as a result of this are objective proof of our performance. Many of our developments are patented and form the basis for new, customer-specific concepts, leading to successful, made-to-measure solutions.


Product Lines

As a slip ring manufacturer, LTN Servotechnik offers you the best possible solution every time – off the shelf in the case of the Standard Line.

Our slip rings are divided into 3 product lines. The Customised Line contains our proven standard solutions, which can be easily adapted with minor modifications such as customised plug assemblies. Alternatively, we can develop a dedicated solution for your complex application.

Our Exclusive Line comprises all new transmission systems which we develop together with our customers exclusively for their individual applications, where a non-standard design is called for on account of the functionality requirements or which are very complicated to realise due to additional specifications like certification, qualification, special tools and so on and so forth.


Our Standard Line includes a selection of encapsulated slip rings belonging to five basic types – SC012, SC020, SC040, SH085 and SC104 – which are well-proven in practice and available off the shelf.


The slip rings in our Customised Line are standard, modified types where the wiring and / or simple mechanical components have been adapted (e.g. wire length, colour, etc.).

These modifications are always customer-specific.


The Exclusive Line covers all encapsulated, modular and disc slip rings as well as medical slip rings where a non-standard design is called for or which represent complex projects owing to their special requirements with regard to certification, qualification, tools, etc.

In some cases the technologies are already familiar while in others they are new.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions