LTN engineering in construction


To us, design means implementing technical and technological requirements into solutions in the best way possible.

Prototyping and pre-production series development

Everything that has been theoretically developed also has to prove itself in practice. LTN has its own prototype design department for this purpose. What starts here often goes on to series manufacture.

designing new or novel components at LTN Servotechnik GmbH

What design means to us

When designing new or novel components at LTN as made-to-measure parts for the most diverse customer projects, we offer an end-to-end package: our services range from the design of mechanical components using a CAD/CAM system through prototyping and on to small-batch production.

For each project set-up, our state-of-the-art machinery and high level of vertical integration allow us to support you with a wide range of production and manufacturing methods – all of them taking place in-house.

Allow our infrastructure, know-how and passion to win you over.

The MetaTwistTower in front of Terminal II is equipped with LTN technology


Our designers work hand in hand with users and accompany each product from the manufacturing stage through to installation on the customer’s premises. This is the only way that special-purpose designs to meet unusual requirements can be realised in a short period of time.

One convincing example of our work can be seen at Munich Airport. The MetaTwistTower in front of Terminal II is equipped with LTN technology and ensures reliable power and video transmission on an exceptionally large scale via three slip rings.

Slip ring 850 LTN Servotechnik GmbH


We successfully designed a very large, separable slip ring for the rotor head of a wind turbine which can also be retrofitted. The highest precision of the individual parts and the use of our wire slip rings are essential here.

With a diameter of 850 mm, the slip ring is now capable of transmitting load and signal currents at a speed of up to 360 revolutions per minute. The design handles strong temperature fluctuations with ease.

Customer testimonial

“Since LTN can resort to standardised parts during the design phase, our individual requirements can be met in good time. All this at a fair price and promptly delivered. That’s why we choose to get our slip rings from LTN.”


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