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Engineering is the ability to develop technical solutions which are ready to be used for specific requirements – and possibly even for large-scale series manufacturing.

With an eye on the challenge and a rich pool of experience to draw from, our Research, Development and Design departments could be described as the “emergency room” in our engineering infrastructure. This is where our vast knowledge and passion for technology come into play when answering your enquiries and, yes, “cries for help”. We are committed to improving

From problem to practice

In the classical sense, a problem is no reason for despair and certainly not the end of all things and ideas. A problem is simply a task, and in our Engineering department we apply this interpretation with pleasure and passion.

As our customers know, LTN is founded on common ideas and challenges on which the pillars of our Engineering department rest. When designing prototypes, we devote careful attention to your specific task until we come up with practical and robust answers.

It’s a promise that we can deliver to nearly any industry – if necessary, under tight pressure of deadlines.

In addition to addressing the specific neuralgic “problem parts” of your product, we are always pleased to assist our customers with technical advice when it comes to creative sparring, technical optimisation, further development or series manufacturing.

From the development of equipment or tools to a critical assessment of your production planning, LTN’s experienced development and design team is there to support you with anything from one-off solutions to complete, integrated development processes.

Let our effective Engineering department get straight to work for you. We’ll turn your problem into a smoothly functioning solution – all from a single supplier.


Applications for resolvers in servomotors based on the example of industrial robots and an overview of the range of services of LTN.

Basic research and technological development at LTN Servotechnik

Knowledge as a foundation: Basic research and technology development

development of slip rings, resolvers and rotary encoders at LTN Servotechnik

For the best of the best answers: Product development, design and consulting

Design and construction of slip rings, resolvers and rotary encoders at LTN Servotechnik

Insistent on success: Prototypes and pre-production series development


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