Schleifringe, Resolver und Drehgeber von LTN finden sich in zahlreichen Anwendungen wieder


Resolvers and slip rings from LTN can be found in many different applications. Let our challenges and solutions inspire you.

Applications at a glance

Slip rings by LTN Servotechnik reliably transmit load and signal currents in numerous, diverse applications

4K video transmission

LTN slip rings reliably transmit load and signal currents in many different applications. These slip rings are not normally visible in the application and not recognisable as technical devices.

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self-contained resolvers are used for servomotors as a position feedback system for cantilevers

Blast Hole Drilling Machine

Self-contained resolvers control servo motor speeds and are also used as position feedback systems for booms. The resolver returns the exact angular position, e.g. on mobile cranes or mining drills.

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dumper with resolvers of LTN


Resolvers are robust, reliable feedback systems for precise control of motor speeds. Speed controlled motors are required in almost all industries where electric machines are used for defined processes, e.g. mobile equipment ( caterpillars, cranes, diggers, trucks, etc.).

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LTN slip ring for the transmission of signals, electrical power, and compressed air for edge milling machines

Edge milling machine

An LTN slip ring controls a rotating cutter head by transmitting signals, electrical power and compressed air when the edges of wooden panels are shaped with an edge milling machine.

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Qualified resolver solution made by LTN for the landing flap control

Landing flap control

Qualified resolver solution for the landing flap control of a major American aircraft manufacturer: maintenance-free resolvers from LTN Servotechnik, specially adapted for extreme environmental conditions, are employed here.

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