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Regulations for revolving doors in public buildings and facilities place increasingly complex demands on control technology. Our custom-designed rotary encoders adapt flexibly to all installation and control scenarios. Our slip rings simultaneously transmit other signals, for example for supplying power to advertising displays.

When it comes to access control for vehicles and people, our resolvers are robust and cost-effective position indicators: they enable smooth boarding operations at airports and monitor multi-storey car park entrances.



LTN Servotechnik is providing solutions for integrating slip ring transmitters and rotary encoders into various access systems

Revolving doors are transit systems which ensure low-draught and trouble-free access or, alternatively, an escape route for large crowds. Their design is to some extent subject to architectural trends.

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Slip rings made by LTN for pedestrian flow control systems

Pedestrian flow control systems typically control access at airport gates or ski lifts, frequently in combination with access control systems. They must be robust and safe.

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rotary encoder segment made by LTN for rotary actuators

Pedestrian flow control systems with swing locking elements, like those found in airports when entering secured areas, must have force monitoring to prevent dangerous situations or injuries while passing through.

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