Slip ring capsules of LTN Servotechnik are employed in surveillance cameras for the security monitoring of public spaces or private areas

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras

Slip ring capsules made by LTN Servotechnik are employed in surveillance cameras (CCTV) from different manufacturers for security observations of public or private spaces.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

In the light of rising burglary rates and terrorist attacks, a growing need for security is evident in society. Digital surveillance cameras are often used today to enhance the security measures of municipalities, businesses, production plants, public spaces & buildings and private homes. By definition, CCTV recordings are always installed in a closed system and are not allowed to be shared.

CCTV cameras are frequently used 24/7. Cameras in outdoor areas are exposed to wind, weather and extreme temperatures. Depending on the location, many surveillance cameras rotate up to 360°. Video signals must be reliably transmitted from the rotating to the stationary part of the unit. Oscillating swivel movements may cause ordinary copper cables to break after a short time, in which case the camera will no longer work.

Description of solution:

Surveillance cameras have to meet three requirements: they must be robust, reliable and affordable. To ensure reliable image transmission and sufficient robustness – not only for continuous use but also in the presence of environmental influences – numerous camera manufacturers trust in slip ring solutions from LTN Servotechnik. On the one hand, these slip rings supply the cameras with power and control signals while on the other, they guarantee reliable transmission of the video signals from the rotating to the stationary part of the camera.

Despite the high performance, the slip ring capsules – which are available in various standard sizes – have a cost-optimised design which enables an attractively priced product to be offered to customers. The ability to supply standardised slip rings off the shelf in large quantities is vital here. LTN’s high-volume production ensures consistently high quality, which goes hand in hand with a high degree of reliability.

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