Data transmission is one industry LTN Servotechnik operates in

Data transmission

Precise and lossless data transmission with LTN slip ring innovations.

Clear images, maximum mobility

Whether video surveillance with CCTV cameras for protecting public spaces and private property or monitoring of water or waste water systems, images with ever higher resolution are a must – ideally with 360° coverage.

In addition to supplying power, our slip rings also transmit video signals in HD TV quality, so that the latest camera technology can also be used for panoramic capture. Our resolvers simultaneously provide feedback to support the precise alignment of the cameras from the control centre.

Highest image quality and maximum mobility – all in full view.


LTN designs products and assemblies for specific applications in different industries. Below you can find some examples for the data transmission industry.

Slip ring capsules of LTN Servotechnik are employed in surveillance cameras for the security monitoring of public spaces or private areas

Slip ring capsules made by LTN Servotechnik are employed in surveillance cameras (CCTV) from different manufacturers for security observations of public or private spaces.

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video transfer via a slip ring solution made by LTN in support arm lamps

Surgical lighting systems are integral in operating theatres, where they are also used to document medical procedures. Video data transmission is focused in a support arm lamp via a slip ring solution.

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Slip rings by LTN Servotechnik reliably transmit load and signal currents in numerous, diverse applications

LTN slip rings reliably transmit load and signal currents in many different applications. These slip rings are not normally visible in the application and not recognisable as technical devices.

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