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Made in Germany: essential components for awe-inspiring aerospace developments.

Precision above the clouds

They’re technically complex and they’re highly relevant for a safe approach to the runway: the landing flaps of large passenger aircraft.

A resolver specially developed by LTN for a major aircraft manufacturer provides key functionality. Even in extreme temperature conditions, it requires no maintenance and works reliably every time. It goes without saying that it fulfils the strict requirements of international aviation safety in every respect.


LTN designs products and assemblies for specific applications in different industries. Below you can find some examples for the aviation industry.

Qualified resolver solution made by LTN for the landing flap control

Qualified resolver solution for the landing flap control of a major American aircraft manufacturer: maintenance-free resolvers from LTN Servotechnik, specially adapted for extreme environmental conditions, are employed here.

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folding seat using a slip ring made by LTN for data and power transmission of the on-board communication system

Qualified slip ring solution for a major European aircraft manufacturer’s space-saving cabin concept: a slip ring transmits data and power for on-board communications via a compact, maintenance-free, rotary joint in a folding seat.

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combined slip ring solution for satellite antennas on medium/long-haul aircraft

Hybrid slip ring solution for satellite antennas on medium/long-haul aircraft: combined slip rings made by LTN Servotechnik are employed here. They are qualified for use in extreme environmental conditions.

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