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Mechanical engineering

Our slip rings as reliable signal transmitters in any machine context.

Ideas for the royal league of design

Machines are becoming more and more complex, performance profiles more demanding and safety standards stricter – this is true in almost every industry relying on machinery or production facilities.

Our slip rings are modern, space-saving and intelligent components which enable reliable transmission of control signals, power or compressed air on a scale appropriate to the twenty-first century. After all, a machine is only as good as its individual components.


LTN designs products and assemblies for specific applications in different industries. Below you can find some examples for the mechanical engineering industry.

LTN slip ring for the transmission of signals, electrical power, and compressed air for edge milling machines

An LTN slip ring controls a rotating cutter head by transmitting signals, electrical power and compressed air when the edges of wooden panels are shaped with an edge milling machine.

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Slip rings made by LTN for plastic injection moulding machines

In plastic injection moulding, various plastics are injected into the mould from different directions. The mould must therefore be turnable. Slip rings connect the signal lines and cables used to monitor the temperature in the mould.

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slip rings made by LTN for machines for the production of plastic fabric

Big bags made from plastic fabric are used to transport bulk material. With a capacity of up to 1300 l, they must be very strong. The leading manufacturer of big bag production machinery trusts in LTN slip rings.

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