Resolver der LTN Servotechnik GmbH

Resolver G-RCC

Encoder Output / Control I/O
Out-/Input Signals
CANopen compatible BUS signal (for Single CANopen Node Modus)
Baud Rate Setting:
Node ID Setting:
10, 20, 50, 125, 250, 500, 800, 1000 kBit/s
0 ... 127
All parameter presetting are possible per Micro Switch or per LSS.
Max. Resolution

16 bit (1x 65536 incremental steps) per mechanical revolution by single-speed resolver as sensor
The resolution can be software-scaled between 2 and 65536 incremental steps per revolution via CANopen bus, as well as Software-Zero and the change of the direction of rotation (CW-CCW).
Accuracy±4' (±0,067°), ±1 LSB
± 1 LSB (incremental step) of the preset resolution
(e.g. at 16 bit = 65536 incr: ±0,33 acrmin. for single speed
Max. angular speed
≤ 0,5 s-1 for single speed modus
Power supply
Voltage (DC)10 VDC ... 36 VDC
Power consumption~ 2 W
Operating temperature0 °C ... 85 °C (32 °C ... 185 °F)
The LTN-RCC is protected against voltage reversal of power supply and overvoltage on all terminals.
Resolver Specifications
Output Reference Signal
4 Vrms / ≤ 100 mA / 5 kHz protected against voltage reversal
Transmission Ratio0,5 ±10% 
Mechanical Data
HousingCombicon "ME TBUS 22,5" Phoenix Contact
Dimensions114,5 mm x 22,5 mm x 99 mm (l x w x h)
MontageThis module is designed for "top hat" rail mounting
(e.g. TBUS, 5 way / 8 Amax acc. DIN rail /EN50022)
Terminal ConnectionPower Supply:
CANopen Bus:
Sub-D, 9-Pin (m) via front panel or via TBUS
Sub-D, 9-Pin (m) via front panel or via TBUS
Sub-D, 9-Pin (f) via front panel
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