video transfer via a slip ring solution made by LTN in support arm lamps

Support arm lamp

Support arm lamp

Surgical lighting systems are integral in operating theatres, where they are also used to document medical procedures. Video data transmission is focused in a support arm lamp via a slip ring solution.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

Nowadays, operations are mostly filmed for documentation purposes, training or precise analyses. HD cameras are therefore often integrated in surgical lighting systems to document the events from an ideal position.

It must be possible to swivel the support arm lamps in any direction. Slip ring technology in these mobile support systems ensures lossless transmission of power and high-resolution video signals between moving parts. The challenge here is to select the most appropriate combination of slip ring contact technology and cables/connectors for video and data transmission. The task for LTN was to transmit high-definition HD-SDI video recordings with a data volume of 3 Gbit/s without interference. The slip rings had to be pluggable and robust. There also had to be a possibility to retrofit them into a support arm.

Description of solution:

Installation space is often lacking in support arm systems. The SA030 rotary connector slip ring from LTN is ideally suited for this task. By modifying the plastic body, RF rotary joints were integrated in the centre of the rotary connector, so that the sprung contact strips could not fall out. The slip rings were then wired with a 75 ohm coaxial cable. The junctions between the rotary plugs are connected with miniature coaxial plugs featuring a slim plastic housing which protects them against metal contact. Since the contacts are screwable, they are secured against accidental loosening. A wiring harness now consists of three SA030 slip rings in series with a total length of 5 metres, including a plug for connection to the camera, one for connection to the ceiling supply unit, and (depending on the design) a miniature coaxial connector to disconnect the power cord inside the spring arm.

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